Fire Your Stock Analyst Analyzing Stocks On Your Own

Fire Your Stock Analyst Analyzing Stocks On Your Own

This is simply the world's most useful book for personal investors who want to rely less on the so-called "experts" and more on their own intelligence and knowledge. The author presents systematic value and growth strategies that draw on the best ideas from more than 20 of the world's leading money managers -- and shows you how to implement each strategy step-by-step, using free or low-cost information available on the Internet. Domash introduces never-before-published advanced analysis strategies, shows how value investors really pick stocks, and presents new ways of quantifying a stock's risk. This book covers issues most books simply ignore, including how to evaluate a company's business plan and true financial strength, how to set your own target prices, and most important, when to sell .

Format : Paperback

Pages : 416 pages

Published Date : February 9th 2006

Publisher : FT Press (first published September 11th 2002)

ISBN : 9780132260381